Wednesday, August 09, 2006

First Ultrasound

Today Tom and Cher visited the Dr. to get the first peek of our little angel. With high hopes, we boldly ventured into the stirrups once again (well, Cher anyway). The results were GREAT! Our unborn child makes his first appearance at the whopping 11.9 MM long (bout the size of a lentil bean, so we're told).

The ultrasonagrapher told us that he (notice the positive fore-shadowing) has a strong heartbeat of 141 beats per minute. The ultrasonagrapher agrees with Cher's assessment of the due date of March 27th, 2007. We're 7 weeks and 3 days into our wonderful journey.

Momma is tired these days, and occassionally nauseated, but doing great! Daddy is doing everything he can to make Momma comfy and happy! More to come later ......

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