Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Our baby is a little shy! :-)

Today we went in for our regular OB appointment. They performed an ultrasound and we could see our baby moving around frequently. The heart rate was a strong 153 beats/minute. We are still seeing large amounts of fluid in the skin and lymph nodes in the neck area, but we're trusting in God for complete healing of our baby.

Unfortunately, we couldn't convince our little guy/girl to strike a pose that would allow us to determine their sex. :-( If "Old Wive's Tales" are true though, Cher's "watermellon tummy" is indicative of a girl.

We're scheduled for a visit (2nd opinion) with another Perinatologist on Nov 15th. He will be doing another level 2 ultrasound to look closely at our child. Please pray along with us that the fluid will have regressed, and our baby will appear healthy and normal. We're still standing strong in our faith that God will bring us a happy, healthy baby in March!!

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