Thursday, November 23, 2006

Baby Report 11/22/06

Last Sunday during our worship service, I was speaking to God about our baby. I got the distinct impression that God wants us to have a boy in March, as opposed to the Dr's prediction of a girl. Thinking back, the Dr didn't really predict a girl because of what he saw, but because of what he didn't see. :-). Either way, as long was the baby is healthy, we'll be happy!

Today we went in for Cher's regular OB visit. Cher is doing great! She has gained a total of 12 pounds during the pregnancy, her blood pressure is great, and she's feeling fine. For her next visit, she has to drink a VERY sugary drink (think very potent orange flavored sugar water) before going in so they can do a glucosamine test. I'm not exactly sure what they're testing, as putting all that sugar into her should take her readings off the chart. Our next visit is on Dec, 20.

We didn't do an ultrasound this visit, but we did listen to the baby's heart. According to the Dr's little machine, the heart rate was 155, but my count was 160. (last time I checked, 40 every 15 seconds = 160/min) :-) Cher is measuring 25 cm. That's 3 more than she "should be". She's just ending her 22th week, and for some reason the measurement should be 1 per month. That's what them "they" people say anyway. Our baby continues to move around and is very active.

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