Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Dog Mansion

First, a quick note: On Tuesday, Charlie was diagnosed with Parvo. He has been hospitalized with an IV in his leg for medicine and nutrition since then, but is now in good spirits and holding down food and water. Most likely he will be coming home this afternoon.

Well, after a month's worth of work, I've finally completed the new doghouse for Charlie and Bosley. Here are some pictures taken throughout the development.

Click any picture for a larger version.

The roof was a probably the hardest part. Getting the hinges to work out was a pain!Now that I've got it fully assembled though, with shingles I can barely lift it. I'm thinking maybe..... garage door springs from the trees above it. What do y'all think?

The dog house finally makes it from the garage/driveway to the back yard, and look where I end up... already!!!

Our nieces seem to like it too! Maybe it could double as a playhouse. :-)

Final Product

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Unknown said...

Good gravy granny, that dog house is nicer than my first apartment in college.