Thursday, April 03, 2008

Garrett Update-April 2nd Visit

Howdy! We had a great report yesterday. I am doing great! The placenta previa is no longer a problem and a vaginal birth is now more likely to occur. I am no longer on house arrest, but I am sure Tom is going to put his foot down on what I can and can not do.

Garrett is doing great too! He is a very active baby. Actually he is kicking me now as I type. We actually saw him practicing breathing motions in the ultrasound. That was great to see how God is still working on our little gift. Garrett is now weighing 3lbs and 13oz. Dr tells us he is growing normally and gaining the appropriate weight for his gestational age (32 weeks today).
We had also seen fluid in his stomach, which means he is digesting. That is a great sign too that Garrett is well on his way. The VSD is still present, but the cardiologist was unable to detect the coartation due to Garrett not being still :). They will do an echo cardiogram at time of birth to see if that is still an issue. We are praying and expecting God to give us a miracle, so that Garrett will not have a need for the surgery to repair the coartation. We are expecting a perfectly healthy baby boy! Hallelujah!!!!

Our perinatologist has released us to our regular OB/GYN doctor from this point forward. YEAH!!! We now go to the doctor every 2 weeks for check ups until Garrett decides he is ready to make his debut. What a debut it will be!! I think a party is in order to praise our God for his faithfulness, don't you!

Until our next update, thanks for the prayers and God bless you!!!

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