Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New baby picture and results

On Tues, June 30th, Cher and I went in for our Nucal Translucency Ultrasound. This ultrasound is "special" as they use it to look for indications of syndromes such as Downs, Turners, etc. Cher and I were both overjoyed when the Dr gave our baby a clean bill of health. He said that the baby is developing normally, and that there were no indications of any type of health issues. We were able to count all 10 fingers, and saw that all other appendages were developing normally. At this stage, our baby is about 2.5 inches long.

In the following picture, you're looking at a side profile, while he/she is sucking his/her thumb.

They also took a small blood sample from Cher to check for any other indicators, and we expect to get those results back within a week or so. Please continue to pray for a smooth pregnancy and a healthy delivery. Cher and I feel blessed to finally have a healthy baby, and are anxiously looking forward to meeting him/her in January. We go back for our next visit on the 30th, at which point we should be able to tell the sex of our baby.

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