Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our new HD Camcorder

Cher and I decided that we'd buy a camcorder as our present to each other this Christmas. After much research, I decided on the Canon HF100, but quickly found that, with it already being Dec 23rd, I couldn't get that camcorder in time, because it had been discontinued, and I could only get one via TigerDirect (and with shipping it wouldn't arrive in time). I then looked at the HF200, which has replaced the HF100. Canon decreased the resolution some, but added some new features. Amazon offered overnight shipping for just $27 and I had it by Christmas eve.

So far, the HF200 has been a very simple camera to operate and use. I've taken several "test" videos, and it's very simple. Of course, there are tons of features and settings that I've yet to investigate. One thing I really like is that I can connect it to my computer via a standard USB cable, and easily copy the pictures and movies directly to my computer's hard drive. The movies are in AVCHD ( .mts file extensions) format, and the pictures in jpeg format. Also, I can take pictures while in 'movie' mode. It takes 3.3 mb pics in photo mode, and 2 mp pics in 'video/photo' mode. More to come later ......

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