Monday, March 01, 2010

Finally bought a UPS - Surge Protector for my PC

I finally broke down and bought a UPS/Surge Protector for my PC, monitor, cable modem and router. Not sure whether it was the router, or cable modem, but every time the power went out, my network would go down, and not come back up. The cable modem would re-establish a connection, but my PC couldn't connect to the internet. This should fix that problem. Also, I've got my PC, a 22" LCD monitor, a 19" LCD monitor, the cable modem, and the Linksys router plugged into the UPS. The UPS indicates roughly 50% capacity usage, and an estimate of 9 minutes of battery life if the power should go out. From a capacity perspective, this UPS should be fine. I did consider higher watt/VA ratings, but based on the capacity estimates showing on the UPS, this should cover it. I didn't buy this in order to keep my PC running for long periods of time during a power outtage, but to protect it and the other devices during brown-outs, and prevent reboots due to power fluctuations.

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